Monday, June 14, 2010

2nd video practice

Second attempt....

Uploading a Movie

This is my first attempt to upload a quick time movie.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing 10 Flower Text

Made this with ImageChef as you can see above. Was easy and fast -- I was even able to make it smaller by editing the HTML code and I don't do code! Loved the ease of use. Looked at Custom Sign and Cartoon maker...nothing caught my eye quickly. Wanted to see more avatar makers, will look around more for that although Yahoo was quite easy to use. Have used Wordle and have played with Glogster but not used it much yet. I'm told you can create your Destiny library page in Glogster and upload it. Will have to play with that one later. Made a video of baking a cake in Dumpr, that was pretty fun - wierd but fun. And then...I tried Photo to Sketch in Dumpr and briefly allowed it to access my Flickr photos. When I converted a photo of the Lincoln memorial it was so huge on my blog I removed it and immediately revoked Dumpr's access to my Flickr account. I could not figure out the size of this one in the code though - but I like the effect it creates.

Does it bug anyone else that many of these tools can access each other - even if it is with your permission?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thing 9

Blogs and Newsfeeds and Info Overload - Oh my! I definitely like looking at others' blogrolls to explore best. Next fav is Edublogs Award Winners. I found several using these 2 methods to add to my Google Reader. Technorati was pretty easy to use but I need to spend much more time figuring out the finer points. AND, I think that when I have a more specific need then it will be easier to use than just cruising around -- which is what I did. I got very excited about Superglu but was disappointed. Perhaps I didn't spend enough time with it but it didn't deliver what I expected. Topix and Syndic8 were just too overwhelming for now. I'm still trying to form the new habit of consulting GReader every day. I do love the easy access to info -- it's the challenge of time-usage and quick discernment of who you want to have in your "circle of the wise."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rewind to Thing 5

I've had several folks contact me about the Wordle with images that I posted when exploring Flickr. I have found a great Wiki that actually has directions for adding images to a Wordle for a student assignment. It's called Reading 2.0 . Use the menu on the left to find the Wordle info.
I think this is a great Wiki that I intend to explore more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing 8

I am finally coming back to work on the Things...I have not been on vacation, just catching up and continuing to learn techy stuff but neglected to keep up here. I'm hittin' it hard now though, I want to be complete by the end of July (before really). So here goes. I had taken classes on blogging back in 2006 and set up a Bloglines account. Hardly ever consulted it or kept up. Then a few years ago I took a class offered in my district called "All Things Google" and at that point set up an iGoogle page along with a Google Reader account. Again, rarely visited it and although I set up some feeds I just didn't quite get it. But...NOW...I get it. Guess I took the slow-burn route on this one. I viewed the Common Craft videos on both RSS and Google Reader and saved the website Newbies Guide to Google Reader and then I actually opened it and played and explored and consulted the "guide" and I really do get it now. I will use this professionally and personally on a much more consistent basis. I've been advised to make my iGoogle page my home page so that I actually SEE the reader list everytime I launch the internet. The saying "So many books, so little time" hardly begins to cover it these days!

I attended a Kathy Schrock workshop at NECC about tips for handling information overload so I will definitely consult my notes from that before I grow to my laptop! Next quest...move wanted subscriptions from Bloglines and keep only Google Reader -- but I gotta get up and move for a while!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not catching up yet!

Back from NECC and it was a fabulous conference as always. This was my 2nd time to attend and this time I presented with a colleague. I highly recommend attending and/or presenting at the poster sessions. Very productive and lots of varied interaction -- not near as much pressure as preparing for a "class-like" setting. Stayed 4 days in DC for vacation which was amazing (weather was unseasonably mild and comfy) so I'm still reacclimating to real-life. Have jumped into trying to learn Picasa to share/keep photos and videos and tried to add the Shelfari bookshelf to this blog but it looks un-centered. Will try again tomorrow and will pick up on Thing #8! I've cruised through several blogs and the work you all have been doing is very impressive.